Written By : Zer0tobackdown 

     In May of 2009 i was in the process of creating Socom Confrontation montages and was looking for some new music to use for the intro of a new video. And that is when i first came across JPSuperfresh while randomly listening to music on Newgrounds.com. I listened to a few of his posted songs, and one of the songs really caught my attention, which i ended up using for "The Answer" montage which can be found here

     The montage itself wasn't that great, however the intro was decent for the crappy programs and SD recorder that i was using at the time. It was the first time i ever contacted someone in regards to using a song for a video, and i contacted JPSuperFresh through his Aim Messenger. He quickly agreed to allow me to use his music, and we have been friends ever since. 
     When i decided to make Review Zone HD in the summer of 2011 i knew early on that i wanted a theme song to use for the intro of my videos, and i of course first turned to JP and listened through his music and it just so happened that he had a song titled "Im In My Zone". After just one listen i knew that would be what i wanted to use and most people have enjoyed it so far. JP created the song in FL Studio using his own instruments and vocals, and is just one of his many great songs he has pieced together. 

    In the start of 2012 JPSuperFresh was signed to a label deal, and i wish him the best. To listen to some of his music that he has shared with us on youtube you can check it out above or by visiting his channel here;

    Big thanks to JP for always believing in ReviewZoneHD and himself!

~ Zer0

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